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Carers’ Support Supporting Carers in
Ashford, Shepway and Swale

Carers Support was established in 1994. We provide free high quality advice, guidance and support to unpaid carers from Ashford, Shepway and Swale. Our primary aims are to provide timely and appropriate services to carers from the age of 16 years, whether they care for a family member, neighbour or friend.

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Our primary aims are to support and promote, by any means available, the needs of carers

We are a voluntary organisation and an independent charity with a board of trustees  We are primarily funded, through the Kent Carers’ Consortium, by Kent County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups, to provide Carers Assessments and support services.


We are also a network partner of The Carers’ Trust.

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What is a carer?

I have been looking after my husband for 5 years since he suffered a stroke. He is my husband, It’s my duty to look after him, I didn’t realise I was a carer and had all of this support available to me
Carer From Tenterden
My 45 year old daughter has severe Learning Difficulties and my wife and I look after all of her needs as we always have done, since she was a little girl. I didn’t realise we were carers, we are just doing what anyone would do for their own family
Husband & Wife From Ashford
When my mum comes out of hospital I think I am going to have to give up my job to look after her full time. What do you expect me to do? She is my mum, I owe it to her to look after her. I guess that makes me a carer then
Daughter From Hythe

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