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Older lady and neighbour

There are a number of ways that you can take a break from your caring role.

Caring means something different for everyone – but one thing that carers tell us all the time is that they cannot keep going without a break.

Caring for somebody can be a full time job – so breaks are vital to your own well being and quality of life.

There are a number of ways that you can take a break from your caring role, sometimes it just takes a phone call to a family, friend or neighbour.

You may like to consider local Day Care opportunities for the person you look after.

Crossroads Care schemes provide respite in the home, using trained staff. Many Crossroads schemes do not charge although there is often a waiting list for their services.

There are voluntary organisations who have befriending services, there is the Visiting Library through KCC or maybe you could do with a holiday, together or apart from each other. There are lots of possibilities.

There are some great breaks available for carers too, call the office for more information.


KEM Card

The KCEC enables immediate access to pre-arranged planned care, giving the carer peace of mind in an emergency

Training Courses for Carers

Caring with confidence Caring with Confidence is a new, free course especially designed for carers. It is run over seven weeks, one day a week, with every session lasting three hours including a half-hour break