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The East Kent Carers Consortium

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East Kent Carers’ Consortium CIC has developed from an informal partnership agreement between Carers’ Support and Carers’ Support Canterbury, Dover and Thanet in July 2010. It had become clear by then that significant challenges were facing the voluntary sector in the light of the movement away from core funding and increasingly towards contract tendering and that the shift would demand innovation ideas and strategic thinking if high quality services for carers were to be assured across East Kent.

After some careful consideration and with consultancy support, a consortium was identified as the vehicle most suited to delivering these changes quickly and efficiently, an agreement that would allow the two organisations to retain their own identities and structures while benefiting frown new ways of working together. New trustees were sought to support the development of the consortium and build capacity within the two lead charities.

EKCC has 4 associate members, Age uk Hythe/Lyminge, ARRCC, Stepahead and TG Pals. This number will undoubtedly grow over time and in line with the changing demands on the voluntary sector from personalisation and GP commissioning in particular.

The East Kent Carers' Consortium

In 2013 EKCC consortium was awarded the Carers’ Support Service contract to deliver across East Kent. Carers’ Support, based in Ashford, delivers services in Ashford, Shepway and Swale and Carers’ Support Canterbury, Dover and Thanet will be providing services in their areas.